Famous Bands from Oxford

Famous Bands from Oxford

For a relatively small city famed for its world-class educational institutions, Oxford certainly knows how to produce some of the finest musicians to have graced the United Kingdom. Ranging from alternative-rock veterans to new and exciting young artists, the city's reputation in British music is almost unparalleled: let Guitar Lessons Oxford guide you through those bands of whom you could be following in the footsteps.

Radiohead is a band who formed in the humble town of Abingdon, Oxfordshire and who proceeded to release eight albums, totalling over 30 million in sales and becoming one of the most successful and critically-lauded British alternative rock bands in the world. Having formed at school, the members each went to university before returning and subsequently releasing albums that range from straight-alternative rock to electronica, jazz and even classical flavours making them one of the most eclectic and diverse bands to come out of the British rock scene. If you are looking for a masterclass in modern rock riffs and chords, look to their first few albums; or, if you seek more melodic and layered guitar sounds, lush with effects and avant-garde time signatures then check out their more recent offerings. Either way, the band offers essentially something for everyone, and by listening to them you are sure to progress to the next level in your playing.

Supergrass were one of the most under-appreciated bands to come out of the '90s Britpop movement, somewhat overshadowed by Oasis and Blur. They have released five studio albums, maintaining a consistent yet developing sound since their beginnings in Oxford and their debut gig at the Co-Op Hall, now the O2 Academy. The band's debut album, 'I Should Coco' was a huge hit, spawning the massive single "Alright" and netting their label the biggest selling album since the Beatles' debut. After failing to retain their initial success, the band split-up in 2010 but a loyal fanbase continues to appreciate the catchy and upbeat yet sonically interesting sound that set them apart from other more famous Britpop bands.

Foals are a band hailing from Oxford, a city whose reputation for intelligence and innovation transfers to the band's music. The group has, to date, released three albums, all to critical praise, but it was their debut 'Antidotes' that really made the music scene sit up and take notice. Featuring fast and intricate guitar melodies and time-signatures that would make Einstein confused, Foals bring something of the avant-garde to pop-rock that pits virtuoso musicianship against danceable and upbeat rhythms. The band has been nominated for various awards, most notably a Mercury Prize nomination for their second album, proving they were not just a one-trick-pony, and that their formula could be updated and improved. Check out any of their albums for fast-paced and funky guitar-work coupled with challenging and unusual rhythms.

Mr Hudson shot to fame when hip-hop giant Kanye West signed him and featured his voice on some highly successful singles. Having attended Oxford University, Mr Hudson went on to write songs and perform with his band The Library before going it alone with the help of Kanye. Having written songs for a variety of successful acts, Mr Hudson has found his talent, and the fresh-sounding pop music that he produces is something not usually heard in the mainstream. Hudson describes his influences as ranging from Prince to David Bowie, and his music certainly incorporates elements of the distinctive voice and the knowledge of how to write a catchy pop song.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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